Getting started with FileVert

Eco-friendly Tools and Solutions for Large Files

We’ve made sharing large files as simple and efficient as possible for you and your clients. Our solution provides peace of mind and an eco-responsibility lever for your large files.

FileVert is a French file transfer platform that stands out for its responsible and committed approach. It offers an alternative to traditional platforms by emphasizing digital sobriety and environmental preservation. By choosing FileVert, users contribute to reducing their carbon footprint while benefiting from a reliable and high-performing service.

Free and Unlimited File Transfer

One of the most attractive aspects of FileVert is our offer of free and unlimited file transfer. We understand the importance of having the freedom to exchange large files without constraints or additional costs. With FileVert, you can send and receive files of any size without any limitations. Our goal is to facilitate information sharing and promote collaboration without financial barriers.

FileVert for Businesses

An Eco-Responsible and Virtuous French Solution

By choosing FileVert, you control the environmental footprint you leave when transferring files. Participate in environmental protection by adopting an efficient and sustainable platform that includes your stakeholders.

A High-Performance Solution that Sets You Apart

Transfer your files securely and ecologically, so your work is not disclosed to competitors.

By partnering with FileVert, quickly send work to clients and offer a simple file transfer process that helps impress them and stay ahead of the competition.

The virtuous FileVert solution will strengthen your brand image as a pioneer in an environmentally responsible approach with your clients.

A Secure and Confidential Solution

Based on the trusted cloud and using high security standards such as encryption and HDS storage, our clients prefer FileVert for transferring files so their recipients can see their work immediately, without loss of quality, securely and confidentially.

Importance of a More Sustainable Digital World

In the face of the climate emergency and the need to preserve our planet, it is crucial to rethink our digital habits. Transferring large files is often associated with high energy consumption and a significant carbon footprint.

FileVert offers a more responsible approach by using eco-friendly servers and minimizing the environmental impact of its activities.

By choosing FileVert, users have the opportunity to actively contribute to reducing digital pollution and supporting an innovative eco-responsible approach.

Secure and Confidential Storage

Data security and confidentiality are major concerns in the field of file transfer. At FileVert, we take these aspects very seriously. We use secure servers and implement advanced protection measures to ensure the confidentiality of your files. You can rest assured that your data is handled with the utmost care and will only be accessible to authorized individuals.

Reduced Environmental Impact with Eco-Friendly Servers

FileVert is fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of digital technology. We have taken concrete steps to minimize our carbon footprint by using eco-friendly servers and optimizing our file transfer processes. By choosing FileVert, you are actively contributing to environmental preservation while benefiting from a reliable and high-performing solution.

Privacy and Respect for Personal Data

We understand the importance of privacy and respect for personal data. When using FileVert, you can be sure that your information will remain strictly confidential. We only collect data necessary for the proper functioning of our service and are committed to complying with data protection regulations. Your privacy is our top priority.

Join the FileVert community and benefit from a powerful and ethical tool for transferring large files. Our platform combines unlimited free use, security, ecological commitment, and respect for your privacy. Become a member of our committed community today and help build a more sustainable and responsible digital world.