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We use FileVert daily and also share it with our clients through the eco-tips guides we provide them after each team-building event. It cannot be said enough, FileVert is a tool to be used as much as possible!

Fabrique des castors

In our line of work, we frequently need to send large files and documents. FileVert helps us reduce our impact by sharing files in a temporary and responsible manner.


FileVert made me more aware of the environmental impacts of digital usage alongside hardware. Even if it isn’t visible, the digital pollution from our usage is very real.

FileVert assists us in this endeavor with their impact measurement tools and awareness messages, encouraging us to change our digital usage behaviors.


FileVert helps me send attachments (proposals, quotes, documentation) to my clients without overloading their emails.


Since discovering FileVert, I no longer use WeTransfer for sending large files via email.

In my work, I shoot a lot of videos and take photos that I need to send to clients for approval. These files are too large for email attachments, so I use FileVert to send a unique, temporary link to transfer my work.

Inès Moreau, Les petits gestes

FileVert is a small revolution for us. It’s the perfect example of how you can use high-performing traditional technology while still being mindful of your impact on the planet. We’re likely among the first users, having tested and validated it right away, both personally and professionally!

We constantly recommend using FileVert because it’s exactly the type of practical, easy, effective, and responsible solution we love.

La classe verte

Useful, easy, concrete, and pragmatic: This is exactly the kind of solution business leaders are looking for! I recommend this tool to all my clients! It’s a great alternative to the tools we used in the past.

Marion Martinez – Rupture engagée

FileVert could allow our teams and the participants of the challenge, especially those participating with their companies, to discover and use a French tool that is more environmentally friendly for file transfers.

Ma petite planète

FileVert helps us with sending files to multiple people. For example, when distributing a large presentation to the entire team or a works council, it is an ideal tool for trying to reduce our impact.


It makes sense for our sector to rely on services like FileVert, and I’m delighted to see more and more companies in the field of limiting digital impact.

Objectif Green

Reducing digital pollution is our motto, so we naturally use FileVert for our file transfers. What we particularly appreciate is the equivalence provided to raise awareness about the digital impact of each transfer.

Improved Impact

FileVert is a great alternative to the tools I used before. Its use has also made me more aware of the data processed by the GAFAs and the importance of being mindful of whom we trust on the web. FileVert Pro is clearly a guarantee of trust for my clients, who are also very committed.

Margaux Roux – Chacun son café

FileVert was truly a great discovery. Having been used to platforms like WeTransfer or WeSendIt, with FileVert, I have an idea of my ecological impact when I send files. I find it very relevant to be aware of our consumption, especially at the office where we don’t always apply our ecological resolutions.

FileVert Pro could help my company, especially the marketing team, which struggles with common servers that can be complicated to share with clients/partners, etc. FileVert is, in my view, a step towards a greener digital revolution!

Ash Freelance

FileVert allows for the reduction and understanding of its carbon footprint and the development of a “clean” economy, so I have everything to gain by using it, both professionally and personally. It’s useful for data transfers with my clients, but also to show them that in digital, too, there are many efforts to be made for our planet.

It makes me happy to see more and more entrepreneurs offering services and products that make a positive impact.

Baptiste – Auto-entrepreneur WebMarketing

FileVert is exactly what we need today. A simple way to take action daily without disrupting habits. Both professionals and individuals can use it; the gesture is simple and allows, at their level, to make a difference. Of course, I use it! It’s even in our email signature 😋

Aurélien – La facture écolo

With FileVert, I can send file attachments that don’t crash the email inboxes of my correspondents!

Thomas Launay – Neo-Patrimoine

I’m a photographer, so I send several files a day. What I appreciate about FileVert is the ease of use and the fact that I have nothing to manage: I upload, and it’s done!

Sophie Combettes