How to Use FileVert Collab to Simplify Collaboration on Your Creations?

FileVert Collab is designed to solve the challenges of video collaboration by simplifying file management, speeding up reviews, reducing storage costs, improving communication, and contributing to a more environmentally friendly digital usage. Here’s how you can optimize your collaboration process with FileVert Collab.

Getting Started

  1. Log in to FileVert, go to Start FileVert Collab.
  2. Upload your video, photo, image media to create your workspace. Your review space is open for up to 3 months per project.
  • As creators, you can add preliminary annotations to the media.
  • Your timestamped comments are listed in the right sidebar.

Collaboration and Review

  1. Invitation and Annotation:
    • Your contributors can use annotation tools to add comments, marks, and suggestions directly on your media.
    • Your contributing members can respond to comments and validate changes.
  • Replacement and New Versions:
    • Each modification and comment is automatically archived, allowing you to track revision history.

Communication and Feedback

  1. Approval Reception:
    • Use the integrated messaging system to validate versions with contributors without leaving the application.
  • Convert your Collab link into transferable files:
    • Once your version is approved, only the editor can authorize the download by clicking “Validate.”
    • The transfer is valid for 15 days after approval.

Step 3: Collaboration and Review

Productivity Optimization

  1. Task Automation:
    • Set up automations to notify the team of new versions, comments, and approvals.
    • Integrate FileVert Collab with other project management tools for even smoother collaboration.
  2. Reports and Analytics:
    • Use reporting tools to track project progress, member contributions, and deadlines.
    • Analyze data to identify areas for improvement and optimize your workflow.

Benefits of FileVert Collab

  • Simplified Management: Centralize all your files and