Sustainable Performance for Your Large Files

96% Reduction in Digital Footprint for Your File Transfers*

*Minimum: based on average storage of 1 year on your cloud storage spaces

The Eco-Responsible Alternative for Low-Carbon File Sharing

FileVert is the ideal solution for environmentally-conscious businesses. By choosing our 100% French platform, you benefit from a fast and secure large file sharing service, powered by 100% certified renewable energy.

With minimal storage and automatic deletion after 48 hours and up to 15 days for our subscribers, we reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, our commitment to confidentiality ensures that your data remains private and protected.

Choose FileVert and make a concrete gesture for the planet while optimizing your file transfers.

Video Production Agency

Quickly deliver your files while consuming as little as possible

  • Speed up your file deliveries and client feedback.
  • Secure your sensitive data.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and storage costs.

Environmental Consulting Agency

Optimize your digital tools with an eco-friendly approach

  • Simplify data exchange: Share reports and analyses effortlessly.
  • Ensure confidentiality: Protect your clients’ sensitive data.
  • Meet regulatory requirements: Comply with security and privacy standards.
  • Enhance your brand image: Align your digital tools with your ecological goals.

Média Agency

Optimize your workflows and easily share your creations and projects with your clients.

  • Facilitate team collaboration.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of your projects.
  • Contribute to a greener world.


Share your portfolios and deliver your photographic work with ease and security.

  • Send your photos without constraints.
  • Protect your work.
  • Adapt to your clients’ internal policies.

Event Agency

Send and receive your documents quickly with our eco-friendly tools

  • Optimize your file transfers.
  • Ensure data security.
  • Commit your company to a responsible approach.

Large Company

Optimize your operations and CSR commitments

  • Accelerate your file exchanges.
  • Meet regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with internal company policies.
  • Strengthen your CSR commitment.


Improve your document transfers with a sustainable approach

  • Facilitate internal and external communication: Share documents efficiently between departments and with citizens.
  • Protect administrative and personal information with secure transfers.
  • Promote carbon footprint reduction.
  • Optimize resources by limiting long-term storage costs.

Professional Services Company

Improve your file and document management with efficient and eco-friendly solutions.

  • Optimize your file transfers.
  • Ensure data security.
  • Commit your company to a responsible approach.