How to use FileVert as a team?

When you subscribe to FileVert, you automatically become a team leader. As a team leader, you have the ability to adjust your subscription and add additional user credits. These credits allow you to create user accounts associated with your main account, offering total control over access and permissions.

Building Your Teams

To facilitate collaboration, your collaborators can join your FileVert account via a simple invitation link. Here’s how to do it:

Sending Invitations

  1. Access your FileVert dashboard.
  2. Select the invitation link and share it with your team.

Team Member Registration

  1. Each member is attached to your organization and can benefit from the characteristics of your team leader account.
  2. Your users can also choose to customize their interface or use the default theme defined by the team leader.
  3. Each team leader can manage up to 100 users (excluding quotes) and can add or revoke them at any time.

Advantages of Team Management

  • Improved Coordination: Manage access and permissions for your collaborators in a centralized way.
  • Customization: Each member can customize their FileVert page while benefiting from the advantages of your subscription.