How to use FileVert Hub+ to receive files from your clients?

Let’s imagine the print shop “Impressions Express”, concerned about protecting their clients’ data while reducing their environmental footprint. To meet their needs for receiving temporary files, they chose FileVert.

A responsible temporary storage solution

FileVert offers a secure and ephemeral platform for receiving files. Unlike traditional storage services, files transferred via FileVert are not stored indefinitely, thus reducing the risk of sensitive data leaks. “Impressions Express” can thus guarantee the secure deletion of files once the reproduction is completed.

Your QR code Hub+

  1. From your account, reception area: Access Your QR code Hub+.
  2. Download the QrCode+
  3. Use your QrCode+ on your welcome supports.

Scan of the QrCode by your clients

  1. Invite your clients to scan your QrCode+
  2. Your clients can drop their files directly on your account, without registration.

Reception notification and download

  1. Receive a download notification for each reception.
  2. Download the files.