FileVert acts to reduce your digital footprint

For us, file transfer is a symbol of the impact of our actions in the digital world, which seems infinite compared to the reality of a physical world with limited resources. Today, we advocate a more sober and refreshing use of the web. Large groups, start-ups or SMEs: our clients are committed to the planet and raise awareness among their employees!

4% of emissions... unsustainable impact

It's more than civil aviation! A figure that is increasing by 9% per year but that can be reduced to 1.5% per year by adopting numerical sobriety as a principle of action. The digital transition as it is currently being implemented contributes to climate change more than it helps to prevent it. The impact of digital technology on the climate is unsustainable. It must be the subject of a questioning of our modes of consumption and a global reflection on new models

Let's do something concrete!

We challenge ourselves to raise awareness of the problem and help people reduce their digital impact in their daily lives. Like thousands of Internet users who are increasingly concerned and aware of the importance of responsible and supportive digital solutions, join FileVert, join FileVert and support the projects that matter.

Carbon offsetting

Offsetting, what does that mean? Financing CO2 reduction or sequestration projects outside its scope of activity.
If it's not the ideal solution, it is the « best » option when it comes to incompressible emissions.

We have chosen to support the Good Planet Foundation chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
With FileVert, we transform every kWh consumed into action beneficial to the planet and for every tonne of CO2 reached, we make a donation to the Foundation and a matching donation to a local charity.
Donations are used to support sustainable agriculture and forestry, preserve and restore biodiversity and build bioclimatic schools.

Environmental and social patronage

Environmental and social patronage for FileVert is a donation to support a cause of general interest. The so-called « environmental » sponsorship targets more specifically actions or activities that contribute to the protection of the environment and promote sustainable development. With FileVert, you support environmental associations and organisations that meet the following criteria:

Direct link

Funds are paid directly to the organisations concerned, without intermediaries

Concrete impact

We support projects with a real and measurable positive impact on the environment


We work with recognized, apolitical and non-denominational French environmental associations and NGOs.

Re-use of computer equipment

Committing to a zero-waste digital approach

This year : WeeeFund

We advocate an ambitious zero-waste approach that gives priority to reduction at source. Our vision is part of a global ecological transition, respect for human rights and greater consideration for the most disadvantaged populations and future generations.

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