How to better manage the digital footprint of your file storage?

Digital fingerprinting is a computer process used to identify and track Internet users and devices online.

Digital fingerprinting has become a hot topic in recent years as our collective privacy on the Internet begins to fall through the cracks of an increasingly complex online environment. 

Is your digital footprint permanent?

We can say that it is rather permanent. And that’s because the permanence of information often manifests itself in unexpected ways.

Your digital footprint isn’t just the data stored on servers right now. It’s also the one that lives in backups, other people’s devices, your old devices, and all sorts of formats (old CDs and flash drives, for example).

While some people say that the Internet has an ephemeral memory, there are many examples to the contrary.

Even when you delete your account, you may have to specifically request that your data be completely deleted from the company’s records. And then trust that they will do it and be thorough about it. 

How to manage and reduce your digital footprint of your file storage? 

Delete accounts you don’t use

As you can see, you have many email accounts, cloud accounts or accounts on other forums and social networks. These accounts are accompanied by files containing information about you. 

The first thing to do is to delete all the accounts you don’t use or rarely use, because they are useless. 

Sometimes deleting the account will delete the entire files. Other times, you will need to manually delete and verify that all your files have been deleted before closing your account. 

Limit the sending of attachments in your emails

Are attachments ever completely secure with your data? The other tip is to limit the practice of sending files by email as attachments. This will reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. 

The best solution for file sharing while managing your digital footprint is to use an ephemeral transfer solution. You can then send large files securely and make sure that these files are not stored somewhere on the web. 


Managing your digital footprint with file storage can be simple as long as you develop good habits and avoid storing files all over your accounts.

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