Video Production: Large File Transfers and Green for Studios

In cinema, TV, or any other type of video production, you collaborate with multiple teams to produce your videos and media.

FileVert supports you in transferring your large files:

Often, raw sequences need to be transferred to various post-production teams for video editing, ADR, visual effects, CGI, color correction, sound effects, musical scoring, and very quickly.

FileVert Transfer is a great tool for transferring your files and receiving quick feedback on your content and deliverables.

High-volume links for the audiovisual sector

File transfers by link play a crucial role in filmmaking, video production, and post-production. Raw footage and takes often need to travel long distances to reach post-production teams or studio executives for further editing or review. Unfortunately, commonly used methods for sending these large files are either too slow and/or cumbersome, or too expensive per account and poorly secured. Production studios need an efficient, simple solution that aligns with the environmental values of the different stakeholders.

Up to 200 GB per transfer for short-term storage in the audiovisual sector

FileVert allows you to share and delete files anytime and from anywhere, aiming to reduce storage-related consumption while ensuring data confidentiality.

Securely share files up to 200 GB per transfer, such as HD video rushes, multichannel audio files, and editing projects, among editors, colorists, VFX artists, etc., for efficient collaboration. With our short-term storage, you can avoid excessive storage costs and unnecessary energy consumption associated with long-term storage.

Make an eco-friendly choice for your post-production by opting for our eco-responsible online file transfer solution.

No more wasting time on access authorization requests

With FileVert, our innovative service, you can eliminate access delay to exchange platforms and even directly collaborate on your files. Your FileVert transfers are accessible via a simple temporary public or private share link sent by email or from the management interface.

Why choose FileVert?

Simple, fast, and sustainable, FileVert is a completely ephemeral and virtuous sharing solution. To align with your values, use our solution and let all your collaborators know.

FileVert is a data protection-compliant solution. Your files are perfectly secure.

Try FileVert Pro

  • Manage and track if your transfers are downloaded
  • Adjust your sends and store your files for up to 15 days
  • Make private transfers
  • Control your digital footprint
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