Why choose FileVert for your file transfers?

FileVert is an ephemeral file transfer service that enables you to send all types of personal and professional files securely, while controlling your environmental impact.

Much more than a file-sharing tool, FileVert was born out of the desire to offer an exclusively French file transfer service that was reasonable, guaranteed to protect your data and more virtuous for the planet, in order to raise public awareness of the impact of digital technology on the environment.

Need to transfer files securely and efficiently, but also want to make an eco-responsible choice? FileVert is the solution for you!

Our file transfer platform is designed to reduce the environmental impact of data transport, while guaranteeing the security of your data. We offer a paid version as well as a free version of 2 GB per transfer for 48 hours.

Digital pollution is an increasingly important issue, with digital-related CO2 emissions rising by 9% a year. FileVert was created to respond to this challenge by offering an eco-responsible and sober file transfer solution.

We have put in place several measures to make users aware of the impact of their data flows and inform them of the eco-gestures to adopt. We have also excluded all unnecessary storage, abusive notification, data resale, advertising targeting and file previewing (streaming) to better control energy consumption and avoid wasting resources.

We have also imposed a 15-day file storage limit for customers and a 48-hour limit for non-subscribers, to limit unnecessary energy consumption.

Finally, we use energy-efficient French servers powered by renewable energies, to guarantee the security of your data while reducing our environmental impact.

FileVert is the ideal solution for companies concerned about their social and environmental responsibility! 💚

FileVert: the ideal file transfer solution for an efficient, eco-responsible company

Simple and powerful

A solution that’s technically equivalent to that of the web giants, yet easy to use, and that meets the challenges of CIOs.

See the guide tosending large files with smallreceiving files for events with FileVert Hub

Sober and economical

A service tailored to each individual’s usage to reduce your environmental impact.

Responsible and virtuous

Information on the carbon footprint associated with each transfer to raise awareness and encourage responsible use.

Secure and ephemeral

Transfers and storage are encrypted, and all transfers made are ephemeral, with a retention period limited to a maximum of 15 days.

Transparent and respectful of your privacy

100% French infrastructures operating in compliance with the RGPD and CNIL recommendations. Data storage is transparent and geolocated.

Committed and federative

With FileVert Pro, you can personalize your send and receive pages to give meaning to your commitment.

Read the manifesto of FileVert and its commitments.