FileVert, eco-responsible transfer platform for a sustainable IT department

The environmental impact of file transfers

File transfers, whether internal or external, account for a significant proportion of digital energy consumption. Between temporary storage, cloud computing and the network traffic generated, these data exchanges have a significant environmental cost that is often overlooked.

The Boavizta study reveals that 78% of companies expect their use of the cloud to grow by more than 10% a year between now and 2027. This exponential increase in data traffic and online storage underlines the urgency of adopting sustainable solutions to limit the carbon impact of these essential digital activities.

FileVert, an eco-designed solution “made in France”

It is in response to these challenges that FileVert has developed an eco-responsible transfer platform, entirely designed according to the principles of digital eco-conception. Hosted in France by Scaleway, a subsidiary of the Iliad group, FileVert not only guarantees data sovereignty, but also supports the local economy;

At the heart of its sustainable approach, FileVert relies on 100% green electricity supply certified by independent organizations. Thanks to this enlightened choice, the platform considerably limits its carbon footprint linked to energy consumption.

Eco-designed features for minimal impact

  • Ultra-limited temporary storage: FileVert Transfert limits the average storage time of transferred files to just 12 days, thus reducing the energy footprint associated with permanent storage.
  • Multi-source retrieval: the Hub single FileVert enables files to be retrieved from multiple sources simultaneously, eliminating time-consuming and energy-intensive download/return steps.
  • Online collaborative revision: thanks to the Collab tool, teams can work on documents together without having to download them, reducing the need for unnecessary storage and transfers.

Beyond functionality, FileVert has opted for a sober, privacy-friendly user experience, with zero advertising and zero ad tracking.

Adopt a more sustainable digital lifestyle with FileVert’s CSR traceability

To enable companies to fully integrate digital responsibility into their CSR strategy, FileVert offers a complete consumption report, detailing the estimated carbon footprint of each transfer. With these figures, it becomes easy for FileVert to offset its emissions with leading partners such as Good Planet.

But FileVert’s commitment doesn’t stop there. The company supports the Weeefund association, which promotes equal access to digital education by re-using computer equipment from companies.

FileVert is part of an ecosystem of partners committed to a common vision: building a more sustainable and responsible digital future.

Choose FileVert, the ideal solution for an eco-responsible IT department

In a world where digital technology is omnipresent, it’s crucial to minimize its environmental impact and opt for a strategy of data minimization. With its 100% French platform, powered by green electricity and designed with eco-design in mind, FileVert is the ideal solution for IT departments wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

By choosing FileVert for your file transfers, you not only benefit from integrated CSR traceability, you also join an ecosystem of players committed to a more sustainable future.

Join the digital responsible movement with FileVert !

Why choose FileVert over WeTransfer or Google Drive?

What sets FileVert apart from popular services like WeTransfer and Google Drive is its commitment to environmental sustainability. Unlike these platforms, FileVert is a French cloud solution with a strong focus on reducing carbon footprints and using green energy;

With FileVert, you can send a file or transfer large files securely while helping to protect the planet. What’s more, the platform offers advanced collaborative features and limited temporary storage, reducing environmental impact.