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Why Choose FileVert for Your File Transfers?

FileVert is a secure ephemeral file transfer service that allows you to send all types of personal and professional files while minimizing your environmental impact.

More than just a file sharing tool, FileVert was born out of the desire to offer an exclusively French file transfer service that is reasonable, ensures data protection, and is more environmentally friendly. We aim to raise awareness among the public about the environmental impacts of digital technologies.

Are you in need of secure and efficient file transfers while making an eco-conscious choice? FileVert is the solution for you!

Our file transfer platform is designed to reduce the environmental impact associated with data transportation, while ensuring the security of your files. We offer both a paid version and a free version with a 2 GB limit per transfer for 48 hours.

Digital pollution is an increasingly important issue, with a 9% annual increase in CO2 emissions related to the digital sector. FileVert was created to address this challenge by providing an eco-responsible and resource-efficient file transfer solution.

We have implemented several measures to raise user awareness about the impact of their data flows and inform them about eco-friendly practices. We have also eliminated unnecessary storage, excessive notifications, data resale, targeted advertising, and file previewing (streaming) to better control energy consumption and avoid resource waste.

We have also imposed a 15-day storage limit for subscribed clients and 48 hours for non-subscribers to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Furthermore, we utilize energy-efficient servers located in France that are powered by renewable energy sources, ensuring the security of your data while minimizing our environmental footprint.

FileVert is the ideal solution for companies that prioritize their social and environmental responsibility! 💚

FileVert: The Ideal File Transfer Solution for an Efficient and Eco-Responsible Business

Simple and Powerful

A technically equivalent solution to those offered by web giants, but with simplicity at its core.

See the guide on how to send large files with minimal impact.

Sustainable and Efficient

A service that optimizes each user's usage to reduce your environmental impact.

Responsible and Virtuous

Providing information on the carbon footprint associated with each transfer to raise awareness and promote responsible usage.

Secure and Ephemeral

Transfers and storage are encrypted, and all transfers are ephemeral with a limited retention period of up to 15 days.

Transparent and Respectful of Your Privacy

Our infrastructure operates within the framework of GDPR and the recommendations of the CNIL, ensuring transparency and geolocation of data storage.

Committed and Inclusive

With FileVert Pro, you can customize your sending and receiving pages to align with your commitment and values.

Read FileVert's manifesto and learn about our environmental actions.