6 reasons to prefer FileVert

FileVert is an ephemeral file transfer service, which allows the secure sending of all types of personal and professional files, while controlling your environmental impact.

Much more than a sharing tool, FileVert was born from the desire to offer a file transfer service exclusively French, reasonable, guaranteeing the protection of your data and more virtuous for the planet, in order to raise public awareness of the impact of digital technology on the environment.

Fast and effective

A solution technically equivalent to that of the web giants in all simplicity.

Sober and thrifty

A service with the most accurate use of each one to reduce your environmental impact.

Responsible and virtuous

Information on the carbon footprint associated with each transfer to increase awareness and responsibility for use.

Secure and ephemeral

Transfers and storage are encrypted and all transfers made are ephemeral with a maximum retention time of 15 days.

Respectful of your privacy

100% French infrastructures operating in compliance with the GRPD. Data storage is 100% powered by renewable energy (PUE 1.3).

Committed and unifying

With FileVert Pro, you can customize your page to give meaning to your commitment.