How to send large files in a more ethical and confidential way?

Sending large files responsibly and ethically

Even though today sending and transferring files via the Internet is easier than it was a few years ago, and even faster thanks to fiber networks, the demand for services to send large files is still high also because, despite advancements and improvements, the most popular messaging services still have limitations for sending large files and limit the maximum size of attachments.

For security and data protection, a sovereign and protective software is the best solution. It then only meets the rules set in the particular country to avoid data leakage. 

Send large files with an ephemeral file transfer service 

Sending large files is not an eco-friendly move, but can be eco-compensated by using the right method. 

For transferring your large and heavy files, the best solution is to turn to an ephemeral file transfer solution. 

Thus, you put your file on a totally secure space that supports a large file size. You allow the recipient to retrieve the document(s) with a simple link. 

The other advantage is that these files are then deleted. They no longer weigh down the servers and require no energy to store. Finally, they are perfectly protected to ensure a better digital footprint. 

To send your large files in an eco-friendly way, try FileVert, your ephemeral and eco-friendly file transfer service. 

Sending large files using a Cloud

Clouds remain easy and popular solutions to send large files by sharing a simple link. 

You must be careful, however, to delete the file once you are sure the recipient has retrieved it. This is because permanent storage wastes energy and puts you at risk regarding your digital footprint. 

What is ethical, protective and confidential software?

Sovereign clouds and software provide continuous protection and secure accessibility controls to enable new value and national growth opportunities. This software allows you to protect and control confidential or restricted data with data residency and sovereignty provided by a sovereign cloud, ensuring compliance with changing data privacy laws that supports a country’s digital economy.

Data privacy and control

Protective and sovereign software assures you that data is subject only to the jurisdictional control and authority of the nation-state or international federation where your data is collected and resides.

Data sovereignty is the concept that information in binary form is subject to the laws of the nation-state where the data is located. For example, data stored in a French cloud provider’s data center is covered by French law even if the source of the data is located in the U.S.

Geographic locations where data may legally be stored, as specified by a company, government