FileVert, a solution against digital pollution.

There are many Cloud solutions for storage and file sharing. However, these standards such as Google Cloud, Amazon AWS are not models for the environment, especially because of the rebound effects generated by the mechanisms of exploitation of our personal data which are extremely energy consuming.

FileVert is the file transfer solution that reduces the environmental impact by improving digital usage on a large scale by providing a sober, sovereign and confidential service to individuals and companies wishing to include the reduction of digital pollution in their CSR approach.

Traditional online storage solutions and their environmental impact

Enterprise spending in the public cloud shows no signs of slowing down, with some types of cloud spending increasing by 92% annually. From a sustainability perspective, this may seem like a good thing, after all, cloud services tend to be more energy efficient than traditional data centers. But while companies are embracing the cloud to support user growth and revenue generation, few stop to consider the sustainability implications beyond choosing a cloud provider. 

Today, data centers alone account for 17% of technology’s carbon footprint. At 2% of total greenhouse gas emissions, their carbon footprint is similar to the industry’s aviation footprint. And by 2040, data storage could account for 14% of emissions, as much as the U.S. today.

Ephemeral transfer as an eco-friendly and virtuous alternative with FileVert

In order to take into account the environmental impact of the ever-increasing transfer of large files, FileVert offers a virtuous and eco-responsible alternative.

Ephemeral file transfer allows all companies and organizations to share their data, while being aware of their impact on the planet and allowing them to reduce it as much as possible.

The goal is to limit the use of the Cloud by eliminating files stored in a useless way to reduce data center consumption, reduce the carbon footprint of your data flows and protect your personal and strategic data.


File sharing is a must and is not necessarily harmful if it is useful for the protection of the environment, just choose the FileVert solution which offers the sharing of small and large files in a totally eco-responsible and ethical way.