Media agencies: sending virtuous files

Media agencies always need to present an excellent brand image at all times.

FileVert Supports Your Activities

Quickly sending work to clients and providing a simple file transfer process helps impress clients and stay ahead of the competition. FileVert offers a platform for agencies to transfer files with their creative networks to deliver the best results to clients and strengthen their environmental protection commitments.

FileVert, the Best File Transfer Solution for Communication Agencies

Your team’s time is valuable, and we know that uploading large files can take hours before sharing them with clients or teams.

FileVert is the fastest and easiest way to send your files, thanks to record transfer preparation time.

Customization: Logo, Background, Announcement Text, and RSS Feed

FileVert is also a powerful communication tool and offer customization features. You can add your logo, choose the atmosphere of your choice, or add a background image per team member. Announcement texts are customizable and compatible with your RSS feeds to present your news with each transfer.

Why Choose FileVert?

We’ve made sharing large files as simple as possible for you and your clients. Large client agencies use our platform so their recipients can immediately retrieve their files without any security flaws.

By choosing FileVert, you are also in control of the environmental footprint of your file transfers. Participate in protecting the environment by adopting an efficient and sustainable platform.