What is the sober and economical file transfer, what is it?

by Filevert Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 09:00

Sharing files represents a significant part of digital pollution, particularly because it involves storing large files in the cloud. So how can we optimize these energy-intensive operations and move towards a sober and economical file transfer? 

The data storage problem

Companies store a large volume of data, whether it is work files, customer data or administrative data. If the storage seems dematerialized, it has many physical consequences since the data is actually stored in data centers.

Data centers consume a lot of energy for power and cooling: around 40% of their energy consumption is used just to cool the servers. And the power is generated by fossil fuels. A frightening form of dormant pollution, because it doubles every two years. 

Sober and economical data transfer, what is it?

The first characteristic of a sober and thrifty transfer is that it must be ephemeral. This means that data does not remain stored indefinitely in the Cloud, which avoids significant energy consumption in Data Centers that are extremely demanding in terms of perishable resources such as water and electricity. 

Secondly, a sober and economical transfer does not offer streaming - i.e. automatic data loading - and only consumes what is strictly necessary for sending files. 

Thirdly, a low-energy transfer avoids unnecessary and energy-consuming e-mails. What are the best practices?  

Consult the FileVert eco-responsible transfer guide

Making the right choice of transfer tool: several online transfer tools exist. However, not all of them guarantee a sober and economical transfer. Most of them promise a number of advantageous services related to the transfer service, such as extended file storage, reminder notifications, etc. However, these services and functionalities are not compatible with reasonable and reasoned digital consumption. FileVert guarantees the most economical file transfer possible by making several commitments. Raising awareness of your interlocutors: 3 out of 4 French people do not know what digital pollution is.

Thanks to FileVert, you can customize your transfer interface but also access to good practices around your digital consumption, to share with your colleagues and family. A way to make your contribution to a cleaner planet. 

FileVert is an eco-designed service that allows you to send your files for free in an ephemeral, eco-friendly and virtuous way.

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