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Advertising targeting and data processing

Digital advertising relies heavily on targeting users according to their interests, online behavior and personal data. This process involves the collection, storage and analysis of huge quantities of data, requiring a substantial IT infrastructure and high energy consumption. According to a study by research firm Prescient, advertising targeting accounts for up to 60% of the energy consumed by online advertising (source: Prescient, 2020).

The display and delivery of advertising

The display and delivery of online advertising also requires significant resources. Increasingly sophisticated and interactive ad formats consume more energy for display and execution. In addition, the multiplication of connected devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and online platforms is leading to an increase in the number of ads displayed and, consequently, in the associated energy consumption.

Challenging free advertising

Many online services present themselves as free, when in reality they are financed mainly by advertising'a well-known model that many accept. Users therefore pay indirectly by agreeing to see ads and providing their personal data for ad targeting.


This apparent gratuity has a significant environmental and ethical cost, which it is important to take into account when choosing online services.


Why opt for ad-free file transfer services?

Enhanced user experience

By choosing an ad-free file transfer service you'll benefit from a smoother, more pleasant user experience, with no annoying interruptions. According to a study by the University of Bristol, online advertising accounts for around 21% of the web's total energy consumption (source: University of Bristol, 2018). By opting for an ad-free service, you're helping to reduce this energy consumption and preserve the environment.

A confidential and privacy-friendly file transfer

The transfer of confidential files is a major concern for many users. By choosing an ad-free, privacy-friendly file transfer serviceyou can be sure that your data will not be exploited for commercial purposes, and that its integrity will be preserved. In France, for example, the CNIL recorded a 27% increase in complaints related to personal data protection in 2020 (source: CNIL, 2021).

An eco-responsible approach

The digital industry now accounts for around 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the annual emissions of countries like France or the UK (source: The Shift Project, 2019). By choosing resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly file transfer solutions, you are helping to reduce the energy consumption associated with data storage and processing, as well as preserving natural resources.

FileVert: ad-free, eco-responsible file transfer

A commitment to a more sustainable digital future

FileVert is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its services by offering an advertising-free, confidential and energy-efficient transfer service for large files. This eco-responsible approach aims to limit resource consumption and promote a more environmentally-friendly digital environment.

An advertising-free, confidential and energy-efficient large file transfer service

FileVert offers a service for transferring large files, up to 200 GB per shipment, without advertising and respecting users'privacy. Thanks to its alternative approach, FileVert invites all digital players to rethink their practices and commit to a more responsible approach.

Understand the consumption of resources linked to digital advertising integrated into platforms

How digital advertising works

Digital advertising relies on the collection, storage and analysis of vast quantities of personal data, as well as the display and delivery of targeted advertising. Increasingly sophisticated advertising formats require significant resources for display and execution.


Reasons for increased resource consumption

The increased resource consumption associated with digital advertising can be explained by several factors, such as ad targeting, display and delivery, as well as the multiplication of connected devices and online platforms. What's more, the apparent gratuity of advertising-funded services has a significant environmental and ethical cost, which it's important to take into account when choosing online services.

Raise awareness against the use of resource-intensive tools and promote sustainable alternatives

The importance of choosing eco-responsible and sustainable solutions

By favoring eco-responsible and sustainable file transfer services and online solutions, we're helping to build a greener, more environmentally-friendly digital world. Advertising-free business models, such as the one proposed by FileVert, offer a responsible and sustainable alternative to ad-supported services.

Encouraging digital players to adopt more sustainable practices

By supporting and encouraging digital companies to adopt more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, we are helping to create a more responsible digital ecosystem. Digital players must be encouraged to rethink their business models and explore alternatives to digital advertising.

Educate users and raise their awareness of environmental and ethical issues

Educating users and raising their awareness of the environmental and ethical issues associated with digital advertising is essential to encourage them to choose eco-responsible solutions that respect their privacy. By becoming aware of the impacts of digital advertising, users can make informed choices and contribute to building a more sustainable digital world.

Choosing responsible file transfer solutions for a greener digital

By choosing advertising-free, confidential and energy-efficient file transfer solutions, we're choosing a digital future that's more respectful of the environment and users. Together, let's commit to a more sustainable and responsible digital future, by choosing eco-responsible solutions like FileVert and encouraging digital players to adopt more sustainable practices.

Compared with services such as WeTransfer, which also offer solutions for transferring large files, FileVert stands out for its ecological commitment and the absence of advertising, guaranteeing an optimal user experience that respects privacy.


FileVert is an eco-designed service that allows you to send your files for free in an ephemeral, eco-friendly and virtuous way.

Eco-friendly and virtuous file transfer


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