The September 2020 - 2021 FileVert report

by Filevert Monday, August 30, 2021 - 11:01

As you already know, since the end of September 2020, FileVert helps you for more sober and ethical digital uses, so that eco-gestures gradually become a reflex. FileVert estimates the environmental impact of your file transfers thanks to public references such as the Ademe's GHG Base and the average PUE of European datacenters to inform you about the digital pollution associated with your uses.

Since September 2020 and an estimate of the Co2 savings made with the platform.


- 13 TB of data have transited ephemerally on the platform for a total consumption of 539.79 Kg CO2 (according to the Ademe's public reference system and GHG base), close to 300 k file downloads and many more messages of responsible and ethical digital information. 

Did you know that if these same data were stored on a drive for 1 year, it would have generated unnecessarily tons of CO2 and would not have informed anyone about the environmental impact generated.

Our membership is growing significantly and we thank you for your many messages of support!

The average active storage of users is 45 hours for free users and 12 days and 3 hours for Pro users. A record when unlimited storage is still the keyword of too many services!

We are also pleased with the large number of transfers of less than 30 MB. Our users limit the addition of attachments in their emails and also transfer small files so that each transfer counts. This makes FileVert the ephemeral transfer platform of sobriety, non-exclusive to large files!😅

How is using FileVert eco-responsible and energy efficient? 

- 100% powered by renewable energy

- 103.56 kg of CO2 saved thanks to FileVert thanks to its energy efficient hosting - PUE (Power Unit Efficiency) 20% lower than the European average (between 1.3 and 1.4 on average). We must add 442 Kg of CO2 corresponding to emails without PJ avoided thanks to FileVert links.

- 75% less storage time compared to standard solutions that offer a minimum of 7 days and 30 days.

- FileVert is 67% more economical than all websites tested on Website Carbon and its eco index is rank A! 

It is an optimized, sober and light platform that saves the number of requests to the bare minimum and avoids the use of non-essential resources for the transfer or the taking of information.

Thanks to all ! 

The FileVert team.


FileVert is an eco-designed service that allows you to send your files for free in an ephemeral, eco-friendly and virtuous way.

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