Protect your data, reduce your impact: Online privacy, an ecological issue

by Filevert Friday, April 26, 2024 - 09:17

In the digital age, personal data protection and online privacy have become major concerns. But far beyond the simple preservation of our privacy, these issues also have a significant and often overlooked environmental impact.

The massive exploitation of our personal data

An unbalanced exchange with free services

Who hasn't provided their email address, personal information or accepted the tracking of their online activity to access content or create an account? Today, this reflex is widespread, as if our data had no value. And yet it represents a veritable goldmine for businesses.

The hidden environmental impact of data exploitation

A considerable energy and carbon cost

Beyond the violation of our privacy, the massive exploitation of our personal data has a major ecological cost, often ignored. Storing, processing and analyzing these billions of pieces of data requires gigantic digital infrastructures, which are extremely energy-hungry and emit greenhouse gases.

According to the International Energy Agency, the digital sector will already account for 3.6% of global electricity consumption in 2020, with CO2 emissions equivalent to those of civil aviation. This trend is set to worsen with the proliferation of online services and the steady increase in data traffic;

A vicious digital circle

The more we share our data, the more companies invest in infrastructure to exploit it, consuming ever more energy and emitting ever more greenhouse gases. A vicious digital circle that will contribute to climate change if we don't act.

Giving value back to our personal data

It's time to question this unsustainable model where our personal data is sold off at the expense of our privacy and the environment. The RGPD was a first step, but a real change of mentality is needed.

We need to restore value to our personal data and demand total transparency from the companies that use it: how is it used, for what purposes, and what is its real environmental impact?

Adopt eco-responsible alternatives

Eco-responsible solutions are emerging, such as FileVert, which offers a free file transfer service with no advertising and no exploitation of personal data. As individuals, we can also adopt virtuous reflexes: no longer systematically providing our emails, using privacy-friendly messaging services, blocking advertising trackers, etc.

L'imperative for companies

Companies must also fundamentally rethink their business models and practices. Gone is the unbridled exploitation of personal data, replaced by digital sobriety, respect for privacy and transparency.

Why continue to demand so much strategic information, when sustainable alternatives exist?

An ethical and sustainable digital future

Protecting our personal data and online privacy also means taking action for the environment. Every small gesture counts in breaking the vicious circle of data exploitation and the environmental impact of digital technology. Together, we can build a digital future that is more ethical, more sustainable, and more respectful of privacy and the planet.

FileVert is an eco-designed service that allows you to send your files for free in an ephemeral, eco-friendly and virtuous way.

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