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by Filevert Monday, January 24, 2022 - 23:12

Mobilize employees around the process!

On the scale of a French company, the impact of connected digital technology is equivalent, each day and for each employee, to driving 29 km or consuming 7 packs of water of 9 liters.

While the digital sector's share of global GHG emissions will double in the coming years, possibly accounting for 8% by 2025, using FileVert is a militant and effective first step! 

Claim it on a large scale to make your commitments known to all your audiences: 

1️⃣ In internal communication: newsletters, intranet, newspaper, digital screens, social network...

2️⃣ On your institutional website: mention FileVert 

3️⃣ On social networks: don't hesitate to make your audiences aware of digital pollution and eco-actions!

4️⃣ In your CSR report: mention the use of FileVert 

5️⃣ In your carbon footprint: value the energy savings achieved through the widespread use of FileVert  

Some additional actions to adopt: use durable computer equipment

  • Extend its lifespan
  • reduce the carbon footprint of certain business processes through digital technology
  • Design digital services such as websites in a responsible manner
  • Conducting an online carbon assessment
  • adopt the principles of action sobriety, efficiency and use of renewable energy

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