How can you reduce your cloud storage costs with FileVert?

by Filevert Friday, May 17, 2024 - 12:54

Data management has become a major challenge for modern businesses, with cloud storage costs constantly on the rise. With this in mind, FileVert has positioned itself as an innovative, eco-responsible solution, making it easier to reduce cloud storage costs while ensuring optimum data security.

Discover how FileVert can transform your data management by combining digital sobriety and cost optimization.

Reduce your company's cloud storage costs :

Today, good data management is crucial, and FileVert stands out for its innovative approach to concrete digital sobriety based on the principle of data minimization and optimized storage.


Unlike traditional platforms such as OneDrive or SharePoint, FileVert only stores files for a limited period, up to a maximum of 15 days. This strategy allows companies to pay for cloud storage only for what they need to store, reducing the financial waste associated with unnecessary storage on strategic spaces.


In addition, for the transfer of your large files, FileVert offers transparent and adjustable cost offers, eliminating the unpleasant surprises often associated with online storage services.

With clear, competitive pricing, businesses can better plan their budget  on their cloud ecosystems, without fear of hidden charges or sudden increases..

FileVert's versatility is not limited to storage for external third parties. The platform also facilitates secure file transfers to internal recipients. This functionality is essential for making private transfers and facilitating the secure collaboration of more sensitive files.

Enhance online data security

In addition to its cost-cutting benefits, FileVert offers a rational approach to data security based on minimizing stored information and temporary file storage. The platform puts security at the heart of its service, offering a reliable and secure environment for data storage and transfer.

Thanks to advanced encryption protocols, French HDS storage and a strict confidentiality policy, FileVert guarantees that companies' sensitive information is in safe hands.

In addition, by limiting file storage times and adopting strict security practices, FileVert helps reduce the risk of data leaks and confidentiality breaches.

Another crucial aspect of data security is access control.


FileVert gives companies total control over file access, enabling them to define customized permissions for each user (also SAML).

This granularity in access rights management ensures that only authorized people can access sensitive data, reinforcing overall corporate security.

From digital sobriety to cost optimization

FileVert is much more than just an online file transfer platform. It's a complete solution that enables VSEs, SMEs and GEs to effectively reduce their storage costs while reinforcing the security of their data. Thanks to its innovative approach to minimizing stored data and its commitment to security, FileVert offers businesses an innovative and flexible approach.

Try FileVert today and see for yourself the benefits of simplified, cost-effective data management.

FileVert is an eco-designed service that allows you to send your files for free in an ephemeral, eco-friendly and virtuous way.

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